The Eagle-Tribune - 09/19/19

Reporter Will Broaddus focused on my journey from local resident to world traveler.

It was gratifying to see a story in the newspaper that was sitting at the end of my driveway.

(The link to the story connects to the sister Newburyport Daily News because I couldn’t find the same link on the E-T site.)

WGBH-TV Greater Boston - 08/27/19

My fellow former Statehouse reporting companion Adam Reilly asked about diplomacy in the context of the G7 Summit in France.

The Lowell Sun - 07/19/19

Reporter Elizabeth Dobbins captured my journey from local reporter for The Sun to author of a book about international affairs.

(You may have to scroll down past some large unrelated photos.)

WBZ-AM Newsradio 1030 - 07/16/19

Boston radio reporter Carl Stevens stopped by my house to speak with me about the lessons I hope to share within my book.

WBZ-TV “Keller@large” - 07/14/19

WBZ Political Analyst Jon Keller asked me about John Kerry as a politician and a diplomat.

Part 1.

WBZ-TV “Keller@large” - 07/14/19

Part 2.

CBS News “The Takeout” - 07/12/19

CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett put me through the paces for his weekly podcast.

You can listen to the episode here or download it from the CBS News app.

It also airs on many radio stations.

NBC10 Boston - 07/11/19

Political reporter Alison King squeezed four years and 1.4 million miles into a 90-second report for Boston’s NBC affiliate.

MSNBC “Andrea Mitchell Reports” - 07/08/19

Host Andrea Mitchell discusses Iran, leaked British cables; segment begins at 20:48.

Secretarial Tweet - 07/08/19

My former boss John Kerry, who never asked to look at what I wrote, or offered any pre-publication response to the review copy I sent him, offered this opinion as it was published.

CBS News “Face the Nation” - 07/07/19

Host Margaret Brennan previewed “Window Seat on the World” and the many photos within it.

Boston Globe Book Review - 07/07/19

Critic James Sullivan, himself an author, offers the first review of “Window Seat on the World.”

Boston Globe Op-Ed, 07/01/19

An op-ed about the growth in state spending the past 20 years amid a breakdown in key services.

Lawrence University Blog - 06/21/19

My alma mater wrote an item about an Alumni College class I taught during my 35th reunion.

WGBH-TV Greater Boston - 06/17/19

Host Jim Braude asked about President Trump and his interaction with the public and the media.

Boston Globe Op-Ed - 05/20/19

An op-ed amid saber-rattling between the United States and Iran.

WGBH-TV Greater Boston - 01/18/19

Host Jim Braude asked about President Trump’s upcoming border wall speech and whether the major networks should cover it.

Commencement Address - 06/10/18

A story about delivering the 2018 commencement address at my alma mater, Andover High School.

Boston Globe Op-Ed - 05/08/18

An op-ed about the risks to the country in President Trump ending the Iran nuclear deal.

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